Kenneth J Key


About Us

Ken Key began Servant Spirit Timing Services in response to the need for professionally managed Fully Automatic Timing for high school and middle school track meets in Broward County Florida.  Ken started out timing Westminster Academy home track meets in 2001 using the newly purchased Finishlynx Etherlynx 2000 color camera system, integrated with Hytek Meet Management software.  Visiting schools soon began to inquire about his services for their home track meets, and business began to bloom.

Ken joined the Track Timing and Data Management group soon after, in response for the need to upgrade to the professional version of Hytek.  His business began to branch out to time and score cross country meets, initially using Sprint 8 downloading stop-watches.  In the 2015 cross country season, SSTS began utilizing the Active/IPICO chip timing system, integrated with the newly upgraded Hytek scoring and reporting software.

Servant Spirit Timing Services currently
provides services to about 30 scholastic track meets each spring, and about 20 cross country meets each fall.  SSTS successfully managed the finish line timing/scoring of it's first road race, Friends of Israeli Defense Forces 5K/10K, in October of 2015.